my story

The scripture I have tattooed across my upper back is Proverbs 31:30. It states, “charm is deceptive, beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”

When I got this tattoo, I envisioned an eye-catching piece of art with an intriguing message that would allow me to have conversations with people who may not otherwise be interested in hearing the word of God. What I have learned through the countless times of telling my story to strangers, is that our youth will come and go, outward appearances will wane and being successful in the world’s eye only goes so far. The traits that I should strive for are Godliness and humility. As long as I live my life to glorify the One who gave it all for me, not only will I live the fullest life possible, but others will see a difference in me that is only explained through my relationship with Jesus Christ.

This tattoo has allowed me the opportunity to engage with people who may picture Christians a certain way or who may picture Christianity a certain way. I believe that have having such a large piece of God’s word tattooed on my person says that I worship a God who came to save all types of people, not just the straight-laced, clean cut people that we commonly envision.