my story

My FaithMark is my spiritual altar.

My anchor is a bittersweet reminder of pain, loneliness, shame and fear during a dark troubling storm. I had to finally admit how lost I was and found myself begging to be rescued, even though I didn’t feel I deserved to be. My faith was all I had left and much to my surprise, my God had been patiently waiting all along for me to surrender all to Him. I felt His unconditional love and forgiveness as He carried me through. He sheltered my weary soul and provided an overwhelming peace and security unlike any other.

I got my tattoo once I started to understand and embrace the strength that I had found in Him. Each day, as I continue to learn and grow, my anchor takes on a deeper meaning. The beauty of it all is that I weathered the storm and am better because of it. My anchor is more about the hope, stability, confidence and renewed faith I have gained.