my story

A tattoo was a personal desire for years. Initially, I wanted to mark my 40th birthday but my hesitancy in committing to a permanent image delayed that decision.

In celebration of my 50th, the decision came easier. With that milestone I see life in a different light. Through the years, my thoughts on faith, spirituality and religion have evolved but my core belief in a transcendent God has remained a constant and a source of strength. I know this central believe will remain to my life’s end. And at this stage in my life I find the writings in Rev 1:8, speaking of God as the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end, have become a mantra for me.

Being right handed, the intentional placement of the intertwined Greek letters for Alpha and Omega provides a constant visual reminder that God has been with me, is with me and will be with me until the end. Also, if this image can spark a spiritual conversation with another, or a yearning toward God for someone else, that is a legacy I am honored to leave.