Spirituality + Tattoos

Like so many stories surrounding a person's spiritual identity, this concept started with a conversation. Faithmarks originated from one man's prompting statement to friends, "tell me about your tattoo." Through the answers to that question, the creative team at St Marks Church began to understand that the story behind a tattoo was as instrumental as the ink used to apply it. The more the concept getstated, the more obvious it became that a creative iniative be born from it. Led by Carl Greene and Anna Golladay, St Marks Church began a journey with the hope that spiritual conversations would continue. The result is Faithmarks.

This first-of-its-kind, inter-faith initiative for Chattanooga, TN, Faithmarks is a gallery show that explores the intersect of spirituality and the art of tattoos. It now travels the country, encouraging conversations in coffee shops, tattoo studios, on college campuses and in the halls of religious facilities.

In 2015, Phase II was created, adding another 19 images to the collection. As we reach the middle half of 2016, Phase III is in being crafted. The show is now poised to travel the world searching for spiritual conversations and energetic viewing audiences.



How wonderful it was to spend time in Paris, Ontario with the folks from the Skylight Festival. Immense thanks to all for their hospitality and love.