Faithmarks was designed
to encourage spiritual
conversations in your
community. It is ready to travel – book it now.


The show, Chapters 1 & 2, consists of 41 images that can be displayed in a variety of fashions. The show is available to churches, synagogues, galleries, community centers and special events on a first-come, first-served basis. The show is available for 2-week periods. Additional weeks can be discussed if needed.

The show has two sets of traveling canvases. One set is LARGE, with most of the images being 36” x 48.” This set is best for areas within driving distance of the Chattanooga, TN area, as it is cost prohibitive to ship. The second set of canvases is SMALL, with most of the images being 24” x 30” and is better for smaller spaces. It is the set that ships, internationally if necessary. Each set comes with a set of story boards, to be placed adjacent to the image, containing the story of the person pictured.


25 canvases are 48” wide x 36” tall
10 canvases are 36” wide x 48” tall
6 canvases are 40” wide x 40” tall
41 story boards – each 8.5“ x 11”

small SET

25 canvases are 30” wide x 24” tall
10 canvases are 24” wide x 30” tall
6 canvases are 24” wide x 24” tall
41 story boards – each 8.5“ x 11”

Additionally, you get:

• an introduction canvas, to be hung at the entrance, which explains the show
• a digital marketing packet, if requested, with editable poster, postcards and web graphics - for you to publicize the event

Other Options:

• Scheduled Art Talk with curator, Anna Golladay. Anna  will come and present to your viewers a detailed understanding of the intent and process of the show,  as well as diving deeper into the images and the  spiritual conversations that can result from this type  of visual interaction.
• Printed materials – quotes are available upon request


Costing is structured to all organizations can host Faithmarks if they desire. Your costing will be structured around how many viewers you anticipate having. Once you determine that estimate, let us know and we’ll put an estimate together for you.

• Payment is accepted via Paypal, Credit Card or Check
• Payment is required in full, prior to shipping the show.

Contact us about
booking the show
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