my story

Being a tattoo artist myself I am able to share in others stories on a daily basis. Tattoos are one of the most permanent statements one can make. Some use them to tell stories, some just to decorate their bodies, and some use them to proclaim what is most important in their lives.

To me this tattoo represents what, above all else, is most important in my life. I feel its a bold statement as well as a daily reminder that my faith and Christianity all come down to one thing – Jesus. Knowing who Jesus is in my life and what His life and death and resurrection represents, sometimes this is the best reminder that He is always in control. Its my witness that He is love and He is not a god you have to climb a mountain to get to but in fact he comes to you. Nothing I have ever done has earned me His love. I can fail Him on a daily basis and His love is still there. He is a gracious God and I am proud to display my tattoo as He is the reason for my whole life.