my story

I always grew up saying that I would never have a tattoo of my own. I was raised in an extremely strict home where I was taught that tattoos were sinful and dirty.

In 2003, I was heading to the grocery store after church and was t-boned at an intersection. It was a horrible car accident where I broke, among other things, my pelvis. Rehabilitation was tough – 18 months long – and I had to learn how to walk again. This accident brought me to a place in my faith where I realized that my life was meant to be saved. God had a bigger purpose for me.

I realized that God wasn’t finished with me yet and got the tattoo on my back to represent two key things. The star, which represents my name’s meaning, is surrounded by a cross. It is a reminder that I am covered by the blood of Jesus and his plan for me, although tough and hard, is one I welcome with joy