my story

I have thought about getting a tattoo since I was a teenager. However, in those times, tattoos were not something “nice” girls had. But the idea of having one never left me.

Fast forward 30 or so years – as my 50th birthday approached – I decided that it would be the time when I finally got my tattoo. My daughter has several, and so she, in many ways, has paved the way.

My faith sustains me through life – all aspects – good, bad and indifferent. I wanted my tattoo to reflect that constant, yet ever changing, nature of a life lived in faith.

My tattoo is two Celtic Trinity knots, one on each side of a Maiden, Mother, Crone symbol. For me, having a Pagan symbol flanked by the traditional Christian ones represents the life we are taught in Scripture we are to live – in this world, in our times, but always guided by above. Furthermore, as a woman, I believe that celebrating who I have been, who I am, and who I will yet be – Maiden, Mother, and Crone – is possible only when I recognize that it is by God’s grace alone that am each of these.

By getting this tattoo on my 50th birthday, the half-century mark, I am able to give thanks for the life I have lived, and to celebrate and anticipate the life I have yet to experience.