my story

Everyone has their cross to bear in their walk with Christ. For me it is constantly needing to remind myself that I am not in control, God is.

It is the hardest thing for me to accept… “Thy will be done”.

I’d been wanting to get a cross tattoo for some time. Carrying a cross with me at all times was a habit and I wanted to have a permanent mark of my faith. The placement kept tripping me up. I didn’t want it across my back or anything like that… and then it was simple… I’m trying to walk in His path. So I hat it tattooed on my leg.

I’d not intended on getting another tattoo, but towards the end of last year and the beginning of this year I felt compelled to add that dove behind my ear. There are several reasons. Some more personal than others…but what it boils down to is that I need to remember to listen to His voice… to let the Holy Spirit speak and guide me. What better place to have than right at my ear, whispering and being my conscience. Hidden, but ever present.