my story

Have you ever had a word that kept appearing to you in books, signs, places? That is what happened to me with the word “Grace”.

I was in the beginning stages of finding a new church, after being away from religion for many years. The word GRACE started being a word that was making its presence known to me, and it is a word whose meaning seems like something I would like to attain for myself someday. I wish to be filled with grace, show that grace and pass that grace along to others. I believe it is a gift from God, and I believe that word led me to find my church Grace Episcopal; where I have finally discovered people just like me in thought, words and deeds.

After spending over 2 years living in Chattanooga, I finally made friends, and grace is the word that led me to all of this. A special yellow cross was also worked into this tattoo and is in memoriam of my cousin Jodi, who battled hard against cancer, and exuded grace throughout it all, even in her death. My tattoo is an everyday reminder of something I strive and struggle to attain in my very human life.