my story

To me, there is something about the permanence of a tattoo that symbolizes commitment. My tattoo is the story of my commitment to my Christian faith & how losing a loved-one strengthened my faith in God. Written in my late grandmother’s handwriting, the words “It Is Well” symbolize my spiritual journey since her death.

My grandmother was instrumental in my raising. She had very few material possessions on earth, but she found gratitude and happiness in love of family. She taught me the value of faith, humility, and the Golden Rule as a young child through her treatment of others–most notably through her dedication to her 2 mentally challenged adult children whom she raised for over 50 years. It was my honor to have been her very first grandchild–to have so much time to learn what Godliness means & how faith can guide us through the most challenging & emotionally tiring times.

When my grandmother died in 2013, I was angry with God for taking her from me. In the midst of my grief, I struggled to connect to God in any way. Almost 2 years after her death, I stumbled upon the song, “It is Well with My Soul”. Even though I remembered the song from my childhood, I actually listened to the lyrics of the song this time around. They explain the rejoicing moment when years of faith in something we can’t always touch or see become reality. “It is well” because faith in God’s promise sets us free–in life and most certainly in death. It was through these song lyrics that my sadness & anger with God transformed into renewed faith to live my best life in honor of this wonderful woman, all the while having faith that we will meet again some day.