my story

I was involved in church from age five until I was nineteen. I went on Monday night for visitation, I stayed an extra hour on Wednesday night for choir practice, and I went twice on Sundays. I loved church. It was a place where you were loved no matter what.

It seemed, however, that the church frowned upon girls dating girls. I tried to understand why it was ok for straight people, who weren’t married, to have premarital sex, yet me doing the same thing was more sinful. Sin is sin right? No sin greater than any other?

Isn’t it funny though that this is how God works. Our life is a big lesson, made of lots of mini ones. God has opened up every single door in order to get me here. I also know that His plan for me isn’t finished. Not only am I a lesbian, but I have tattoos! Being gay and having tattoos doesn’t keep His love from me.