my story

Originally, this tattoo was not meant to have any type of spiritual meaning. This tattoo was supposed to represent all the freedoms of my life. I wanted to go with the flow, never let anything hold me down.

Life, however, had other plans for me. Since becoming pregnant, especially at such a young age, my world has flipped on its head. With my body changing right before my eyes, I have gained an entirely new appreciation for my tattoo. Stretch marks, and an ever-wider ship, are not all I see as I look in the mirror. I now see a reminder of something even greater than what I intended with this piece. I see that I do not have control; that I have to let something greater than myself be the guiding force in my life.

As I near my due date, my mind is filled with nothing but worry; about the future, about my baby, and about what the next steps should be for the two of us. This tattoo is my way of remembering that no matter how rough life may become, I have wind in my sails and a force guiding me ever home.