Creative Partners

Anna Golladay

Ever the creative visionary, Anna could hardly contain her excited when the subject of FaithMarks was broached. She has managed the creative, booking and installation side of the project in a way that shows both her love for St Marks and the Northshore community in which she lives and worships. An artist by trade and the Associate Pastor at St Marks Church, Anna’s creative flair is visible in almost every aspect of the show. Contact Anna.

Carl Greene

St Marks Church has undergone a revitalization over the last year – much of its success contributed to the hard work of Carl Greene. It was Carl’s vision that brought the “tattoo art show” to the surface, originating from his prompting statement to friends, “tell me about your tattoo?” Combining that statement with a desire to host an art show to initiate spiritual conversations, the creative collaboration with Anna began. Contact Carl.

Tiffany & Patrick Jaworski

When St Marks embarked on this project, the first photographers they approached were the geniuses behind Sweet T Studios. Tiffany and Patrick both have faith-based tattoos themselves, so they were super excited to work with us. As you see, their vision was even more amazing than we anticipated it to be.

Ricky Davis

As Chapter Two was being developed, a partnership blossomed with Ricky Davis from TRD Photography. Ricky, too, has spiritual ink, so he was comfortable with the subject matter and understood the need to create a flow between Sweet T Studios’ images and his own. We couldn’t be more pleased to have worked with him on Chapter Two.